Vintage Christmas Cards

Americans have been decorating Christmas trees since the Victorian era, starting with garlands of popcorn and cookies baked in festive shapes before graduating to beautiful handmade glass, wood, and silver ornaments featuring angels, stars, hearts, and various seasonal fruits. Relive this simpler time in our history by choosing a vintage style Christmas card to convey your holiday greetings.

There are many reasons people choose vintage Christmas cards. For some, the old fashioned graphics and classic font choices bring back pleasant memories of childhood Christmas celebrations or remind them of a relative who proudly displayed all of the beautiful Christmas cards she'd received from far away family members over the years. For others, vintage style is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the bolder graphics and brighter colors found in more complementary Christmas greetings.

Authentic vintage Christmas cards are often found in antique shops and prized as collectibles, but The Printable Holiday lets you get that retro vintage look from the comfort of your own home. Our professionally designed templates feature vintage inspired printable Christmas card designs that are suitable for sending to family and friends as well as your business associates. Simply choose the design you like best, add your personalized message, then print on the paper of your choice.

To enhance the vintage look of your Christmas cards, try printing on an ivory, cream, or tan colored cardstock. If all you can find is bright white paper, give it an aged look by soaking the sheets in water and several used tea bags before printing. You can also add vintage flair to designs by gently distressing the edges with a bit of brown chalk or dye ink.

For a memorable finishing touch, trying using calligraphy to write your addresses and sealing the envelopes with Christmas-themed wax seals. In today's era of emails and text messages, your beautiful vintage Christmas card is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face.