Cat & Dog Christmas Cards

If you consider yourself an animal lover, a pet themed holiday greeting is a must. Luckily, The Printable Holiday has a number of designs featuring cartoon images of cats and dogs ready to celebrate the season. Choose your favorite, personalize the text, and print on the cardstock of your choice. If you want to be creative, make your inside message read like it was written by your pet. Maybe Fluffy can share how she wants a new box to sit in, while Fido says he can't wait to lick the frosting off your carefully decorated sugar cookies.

The Printable Holiday also offers cards that provide space for including a special photo of your cat or dog. Getting the perfect Christmas card photo of your pet can be tricky, however. For best results, photograph your furry friend in natural light. Sit or kneel so you're at your pet's eye level and use the macro setting on your camera to capture details precisely. Take several more snapshots than you think you'll need, then add filters or other fun effects using your favorite image editing software.