Valentines Day for Singles

Create Your Own Love...

Here it comes: the annual parade of flowers, jewelry commercials and heart-shaped candies. If you're single, don't think you have to beg off from the Valentine's Day festivities. You'll be surprised how many fun things you can think of to do to share your day with someone special, whether that's a friend, a sister -- or simply you. Here are a few ways to celebrate the "day of love".

Anti-Valentines Party Invitation

Host a Girls Night Out

Gather your girlies for dinner and a movie this Valentine's Day. And no, it doesn't have to be a romance! Mix things up by taking your BFFs to a comedy, scifi or even action movie. Celebrate your friendship afterward with drinks at your favorite local spot. Make it extra special by making a cute invitation to get them excited ahead of time.

Send Valentines to Your Friends

Just like you, your friends love to be loved! So share the good feelin' by creating Valentine's Day greeting cards for your friends. Make sure you remember that special sister or sister-in-law and Mom as well.

Love Yourself

Ahh...a day at the spa. It's just the ticket to remind yourself you're special this Valentine's Day. Make it an all-day affair or, if finances are tight, set up an appointment for just a manicure, pedicure or facial. Or go for a special new haircut. You'll enjoy the results, and your body and spirit will both thank you.

Hold an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

An actual "mixer" or "singles Valentine party" may be too cliché...but an anti-Valentine's Day party is something all your unattached friends will want to attend. The name is semi-scandalous (NOT celebrate love Valentine's Day? How could you?), and the theme is darkly funny -- think black flowers, black cut-out hearts and songs like "Love Stinks." And, may magically find that the ice-breaking attitude and décor may actually bring some fun potential new friends!

Get Away From it All

Go a step farther than getting out on the town: get out of town! Buy yourself a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast or glamorous hotel stay. Visit a place you've never been to before, or revisit an old favorite. Make sure you order room service and that you set up a pampering skin care appointment to add to the relaxing mood.


You've always known there were those less fortunate than you. Now is the perfect time to volunteer a night at your local animal hospital, children's shelter or retirement home. Sure, everyone wants to volunteer on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the other holidays are notoriously the most difficult to obtain volunteers. Be the selfless one in your group who gives her Valentine's evening to those in need. You'll feel great and it will be a night well spent.

Start a Round-Robin E-Mail

Send a group e-mail to all your single friends (and marrieds, if you feel their input will be functional, funny or both). Title it "The Top Reasons It's Great to be Single." Ask each recipient to list up to five things he or she finds fabulous about the free life. After you get back all your responses, compile them into one page and send it to everyone who responded. You can use a fun Valentine's Day Border to jazz it up. It's one way to appreciate what you have, and probably to collect a giggle or two along the way.

Written by: Melanie Henson