Make Your Own Valentines Card

It's Easier Than You Think!

Love Ransom Note

Creating a Valentine's Day gift card says "I love you" or "You're a great friend!" in a way that a drugstore gift card can't. Here are the best ways to create a great Valentine's Day card.

Get Started Making a Valentine's Card

If you're the super-creative type and you have time on your hands, go ahead and make your card from scratch. Buy cardboard or card-print paper, fold it and decorate it to your heart's content. Pieces of lace or fabric, glued-on trinkets and decorative sprinkles in white, pink and red are perfect.

You can also download a pre-desgined Valentines card template and personalize it. This gives you a professional look while containing highly personalized elements (as if you specialty ordered it just for her).

Purchase card printer paper or something light and beautiful for an extra-special touch (for instance, a piece of vellum to insert inside).

Add the Perfect Text to Your Valentine's Greeting

Again, here's where creative talents can really shine. Compose your own poem, select a gorgeous font (or write it by hand) and express your true feelings.

Look online for famous love quotes (be sure to cite the author for a very authentic look). When it comes to quotes, never rewrite them unless they're meant to be humorous, or unless you are doing a simple insertion (for example, "How do I love thee, Jason? Let me count the ways.")

If you're worried your poetic skills aren't up to the challenge, look for cards that already contain a message and then add a personal note of your own. Placing the text directly into the card tells him he really counts...on Valentine's Day and the whole year through.

Valentine For Your True Love

Here's where you can go all-out romantic, really pull the heart strings with your Valentine creation. Remember: your beloved will get much more out of her gift card if it's just her style.

If the two of you love to make one another laugh, look for a card with a hint of humor. The one shown is sure to get a chuckle from a partner who's also a grease monkey.

Engine Card

If she's the whimsical type, look for bright colors and cutout-type shapes. Or for a true romantic, choose a traditional Valentine heart.

You can also create more than one card. Give a lighthearted card to him while you're exchanging gifts and leave a more passionate greeting on his pillow for him to find later. Lastly, don't forget how fun it is to give yourself -- with a big red bow and a smile!

For a Friend

Friendship is important, too, and should never be overlooked -- but least of all on Valentine's Day. Download friendship card templates for a wonderful and personalized greeting.

Choose less passionate, more friendly quotes or text for this purpose. As with the guidelines above, look for quotes that express your feelings.

For a Family Member

Don't forget about your parents, brother or sister, especially if they're single. The card will make their day! Either use one designed for a sibling or parent, or use a card template that already contains text, then insert your relative's name and a personal detail or two.

By using a template, it's easy to create different looks for each recipient -- and to make them all feel as special as they truly are to you.

Written by: Melanie Henson