Make a Candy Heart Present

Such a Sweet Gift!

On Valentine's Day we always think of our sweethearts, but sometimes it's nice to remember our family. This is an easy project that you can make and send to them as a special gift. A candy heart present doesn't have to be a child specific project -- it could be a picture of you for your wife/husband, or someone you're dating.

Step One: Collect Your Supplies

Decide how many candy hearts you'd like to make and who the subject of the photo will be. You can order reprints of the photo (a closeup of a face works best) or make color copies. You'll need photos and a selection of magnets. Buy your boxes of candy hearts; most of them have a small cellophane window. Go ahead, eat all the candy -- I give you permission! You know you want to...who can resist those hearts?

Step Two: Fasten Your Photo

Cut your photo so it's larger than the window. Using tape or glue, insert it into the box facing out. Check the position, if it's good, press to adhere it. If you use glue, make sure it's acid free! We want that project to last.

Step Three: Fasten Your Photo

Now flip the box over and write your Valentine's Day message (be sure to include the subject of the photo and their age, or the date). This is a fun time to include a printed poem or a small greeting of some kind. If you'd like to incorporate some fun artwork, browse our collection of Valentine's artwork. You can also attach an "I love you" message on the front.

Step Four: Apply the Magnet

You can find rolls of magnetic tape or small magnets with adhesive backs at any craft store. Take a strip of magnetic tape and cut two pieces to glue on the back of the heart. Make sure they are secure.

Now all that's left to do is mail or deliver your "presents" to your family and they'll enjoy a picture of you (or your little one) all year long on their fridge!

Written by: Dawn Applegate