Ideas for Kids Valentines

Easy Tips & Advice

Kids of all ages love to celebrate Valentine's Day. Let your child get in on the fun with these great Valentine's Day ideas for kids -- some are fun-and-friendly to others a little sweeter for the cases of puppy love.

Make a List

It's always best to have your child remember all her classmates rather than having those she's less friendly with miss out, so use this as a quick lesson in manners and in making others feel good.

Ask the teacher for a list of students if your child is in a younger grade or in preschool. Let your child write out her own Valentines, using the list as a guide.

Creating Great Kids Valentine's Day Cards

Give your child the option of drawing her own pictures on the cards. Or if she's computer-savvy, have her grab the keyboard and work with these editable kids cards.
Bee Card
Even young children can have a hand in making their very own cards this way. You can do them one at a time, or use some of our great kids cards that print four to page.

Because “love” icons can make children feel shy or embarrassed (remember when you were a kid? Yes -- they still feel the same way!), find child-friendly Valentine's Day illustrations. Fun party foods like cupcakes are a great choice. So are kid-approved images like dinosaurs, birds and butterflies, or rocket ships.

Make a Valentines Card Box

The event will be even more special if your child has his very own Valentine's Day box to hold the cards he gets from friends.

Read our article that shows you how to make a Valentine's Mailbox in just a few easy and inexpensive steps.

Let your child really go wild with this idea by giving him plenty of materials to decorate with. Offer string or yarn, glitter, glue, cut-out images from magazines or printed off the internet, ribbon and more so he can really use his imagination and make the box all his own.

If Your Child Has a Special Someone

If your child is old enough to have a special someone, suggest a few Valentine's Day cards or gifts that say “I like you” in a subtle way.

Hearts are fine if they're whimsical rather than overly lacy and romantic; so are sweet images such as butterflies or flowers. Bright and cheery colors or pastels are a great idea for very special friendships.

Encourage her to keep the wording on the light side, too. She can add her own poem or wording, or try a card that can be personalized with your child's own special message. She'll love being the creator of the most gorgeous Valentine's Day cards in town...and we think you'll have fun with the process, too.

Written by: Melanie Henson