St. Patrick's Day Snack Recipes

Outstanding edibles for a great party.

Like St. Patrick's Day? Love food? If you're hosting a party for St. Patrick's Day you'll need more than just green beer. So, try these incredible edibles at your next St. Paddy's Day party! The green themed snacks will have your guests talking about your party for months. You can even use some of the food items as imagery for your custom St. Patrick's Day party invitation.

Shamrock Sammies

Say that five times fast! These delectable little sandwiches couldn't be more festive. Here's what you'll need:
St Patrick's Day Sandwich
  • Shamrock-shaped cookie cutter
  • Loaf of white bread
  • Two containers of whipped cream cheese
  • American cheese slices
  • Cilantro, or your favorite green vegetable
Cutting out bread with a cookie cutter can be a difficult task. Here's a handy tip that will help you: freeze the bread first! The cookie cutter will go right through the bread, giving you a nice clean edge. It also helps you spread your topping more easily. Since bread thaws so quickly, it'll be soft again in no time at all.

Cut one-third of a shamrock shape from half of a slice of cheese and place it on top of the left edge of the cream cheese-coated bread. On the other side, sprinkle your cilantro or other green. Leave the center white and voila! A shamrock with the colors of the Irish flag. Arrange shamrocks in a single layer on plates or a large tray, and serve.

Lucky Gold Coins

These are gorgeous -- and so easy to do. They're good for more than just St. Patrick's Day. You could use them for a Mardi Gras party of even a Chinese New Year or Bar Mitzvah. You will need:
  • Round party crackers (such as Ritz)
  • Large jar of peanut butter
  • Butterscotch-flavored chips
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie tray
Line the cookie tray with wax paper. Melt the butterscotch chips over a double-boiler, or heat in microwave on high one minute at a time, stirring in between until chips are just melted. Meanwhile, spread peanut butter on one cracker and top with a second cracker to make a sandwich. Proceed until all the crackers have been used. Now dip each cookie into the butterscotch mixture. Place the "coins" on the wax paper-lined tray; place in refrigerator until the butterscotch re-hardens. Serve cooled.

Magic Leprechaun Pudding

There's a little magic sprinkled on these yummy treats. The green pudding is great for kids! You will need:
  • 1 or more boxes of instant pistachio-flavored pudding (depending upon how many servings you will need)
  • Gold-colored edible glitter (here's a good place to find it: edible gold glitter)
  • Quarter cup to half cup sized serving dishes
  • Plastic spoons
Prepare the pistachio pudding according to the package directions. Spoon into individual serving dishes. Sprinkle the gold edible glitter on top for "magic gold." When ready to serve, stick a spoon into each.

Green Goodness

This platter will please the health-conscious. It's a great excuse to serve some vegetables and offers a colorful platter that's sure to please. You will need:
  • Platter
  • Sour cream
  • Ranch powdered dip mix
  • Green vegetables (celery; green peppers; green olives; pickles; etc.)
  • Green food coloring, or yellow and blue food coloring
Mix the sour cream and dip mix according to the mix package's directions. Going slowly, add two drops per each of yellow food coloring to one drop of blue food coloring and mix well. Continue adding food coloring in this ratio until the desired green color is achieved. (Or use food coloring that is already blended into a green color. Again, add drops slowly, and mix well with each addition. Slice vegetables into bite-size finger foods and arrange around the dip on a tray. Serve.

Leprechaun Hats

Make the Little People hiding in your garden jealous. These tasty treats are full of leprechaun sweetness! You will need:
  • 1 box vanilla wafer cookies
  • Two 8-oz. blocks of cream cheese, softened (not whipped)
  • Green food coloring, or a yellow and blue food coloring
  • Green large-size gum drops
Slice the very bottom off each gum drop to make it flat. Going slowly add two drops of yellow food coloring to one drop per each of blue food coloring to the softened cream cheese and mix well. Continue adding food coloring in this ratio until the desired green color is achieved. (Or use food coloring that is already blended into a green color. Again, add drops slowly and mix well with each addition.) Spread the cream cheese on top of each vanilla wafer to "paint" it green. Top with one gumdrop each for the hat's top.

Rainbow Bowl

This couldn't be easier, and it makes a colorful addition to your serving table. You will need:
  • A large, clear-colored bowl
  • Enough bags of multicolored candies (such as Skittles or multicolored M&Ms) to fill the bowl
  • A small ladle
  • Small green paper cups
    • Place the candies in the bowl. Place the ladle in the center and allow guests to "scoop out" a rainbow of flavor for a sweet St. Paddy's Day treat.

Written by: Melanie Henson