How to Make a St. Patrick's Day Card

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No matter how addicted to email, Facebook and twitter we all get, everyone loves getting a card in the mail. In this article, we'll show you how to create your own, one of a kind St. Patrick's Day cards that will help you share your holiday cheer with your friends and families. It's easier than you think: you can go the simple route or get really crafty and unique.

St Patricks Card

Use a St. Patrick's Day Card Template

Nothing could be easier than choosing a beautiful, professionally designed card template. Going this route has the added advantage of being super simple, while still giving you an opportunity to add your personal touch. Here are the steps you'll need to take:
  • - Browse our collection of pre-designed St Patrick's Day Cards
  • - Once you find one you like, click on it and review the download options. If you're fairly inexperienced, personalize the card online and then print or send digitally.

    If you're a little more experienced, download the version for Microsoft Word and edit the information and print from your home computer. Note: you can still save it as a PDF and send electronically.
  • - Either method will just ask you to change the sample greeting and your name.
  • - Now print or send an electronic version...that's it!

Make Your Own Card

Are you a little more savvy with technology? Maybe you have a budding graphic designer inside and you'd like to make something truly unique? You can find tons of clipart, borders and backgrounds that can be combined in interesting ways to produce a really unique St Patty's Day Card. Borders, backgrounds and clipart are all offered in several file formats, here is a run-down on the file types and what they're good for:
  • EPS: This is the most detailed file option, it downloads as a fully scalable piece of art and can be opened in a variety of programs such as Adobe Illustrator. If you're a closet designer, this will give you the best resolution and the most versatility.
  • PNG: This is a high quality image that has no background, you can layer it on top of things such as words or backgrounds and only the image itself will appear. It can be used in a variety of programs.
  • JPEG: This is the file type that most photographs and highly compressed images on the web use. It's easily manipulated in Microsoft Word or other desktop publishing software but cannot be edited or changed.
  • Word: This downloads your graphic of choice in a Microsoft Word document. If you're making a card this is a good option. All you'll need to do is insert your text boxes for your copy and you're finished.

Paper & Envelope Choice

If you're planning on sending the card the old fashioned way, through regular mail, then you'll want to consider the paper you print on. Most of our card templates are designed to fit a standard greeting card envelope size (known as A-2). Some print 5x7 or 4x9. Do a test print on regular paper and measure your card before committing to your high quality paper. Read our article on paper choice, envelope choice and how to cut the paper to size for more details.

Embellishments Galore!

Remember, you can add additional pizzazz by adding things to your envelope or card to make it extra special. Here are some ideas worth considering:
  • - Punch two holes at the top and loop a ribbon through them, and tie it into bow. Or, punch holes around the entire thing and lace the ribbon around it.
  • - Throw in some shamrock or horseshoe confetti!
  • - Pick a fun piece of clipart and use it on the outside of the envelope (most printers will let you print on envelopes, if not, throw it on a label).
  • - Custom print your own postage stamp! There are tons of sites that allow you to make your own postage. Try for ideas.
  • With a little craftiness and a smidgeon of help from your friends here at ShareHolidays, creating your own custom St Patrick's Day Card is super simple and a lot of fun. Why not involve your kids? Send one to everyone you know, we guarantee you'll be getting compliments on your creativity!

Written by: Dawn Applegate