Ideas for New Moms

Honor Her on Her First Mother's Day

New Mom Card
Ah, the peace and quiet, the freedom to go out to a movie, lots of spare time, going out to parties, ... and then there were three (or four or more!) The first year is always difficult, not only because of the sudden lifestyle changes, but the constant attention from baby, the lack of sleep, and repetitive tasks, the monotony of feeding, and so on. Heck, there's no time to even shower!

That's why a new Mom's first Mother's Day is extra special. She needs to feel that all this is worth it, and that you cherish her for it. Sure, flowers and breakfast in bed are great gestures, but here are a couple other ideas she will really thank you for.

And on the Seventh Day, Mommy Rested...

Start the day by offering to do everything -- serving breakfast in bed with a personalized Mother's Day card saying "Give it a Rest! Let Daddy do Everything" or "You're due for some serious R&R!" Then, proceed to do it all -- take care of baby, clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner…do it all!

For some quiet time in the house, take baby for a walk (a Bjorn baby carrier is a great option for Dad's), and go shopping with him. If baby is breastfed, arrange a nice bath for her between feedings.

If you're not much of a cook, concentrate on breakfast and lunch, and order in dinner. Many grocery stores also offer a quality selection of prepared foods -- or try a local specialty grocer that makes store-made meals. Whatever you decide, set the table with your best plates and cutlery, with candles and soft music.

This option helps the new mom get much-needed relaxation, rejuvenation, some "me-time" and, most importantly, sleep!

Memory Keepsakes

Ask any new mother to describe the first couple weeks or months, and you'll likely get a blank stare. With the sleep deprivation and constant routine, the days quickly blur into weeks. Before Mommy knows it, their baby is a year old! Capture some of these fuzzily-remembered moments with a keepsake gift. Ideas include:
  • A baby journal, with a few images, memories and baby facts already entered
  • A scrapbook, and scrapbooking supplies, if Mommy loves scrapbooking. Check out our fun Mother's day layouts too!
  • A bookmark, coffee mug, calendar, mouse pad, charm bracelet or locket of the three of you
  • A new digital camera (or video camera) to capture all the precious moments.

Personal Maid or Chef -- Or a Personal Coupon Book

Mother's Day is but one day. If you have the budget, hire a maid service for a month, or even a personal chef. If you don't have the budget, create a coupon book offering your services -- free backrub, dinner, house cleaning, taking care of baby for a few hours. The coupons are cute, and of course aren't meant to be one-time deals! Remind her that you'll always be there to help out. New mom's and dad's both lose track of time and let tasks build up, so Mother's Day is a great occasion to reassure her of your support.

Any of these ideas will guarantee a wonderful Mother's Day, and remind her that everything she is doing has been acknowledged, and that you're superbly proud of her. For this one day, let her be the selfish one, and let all the attention be on her. It's her day, so celebrate it!

Written by: Chris Molnar