How to Host a Mother's Day Brunch

Celebrate all the moms in your life!

Mother's Day Brunch
Mother's Day is the perfect time to let someone in your life know she's special. Host a gorgeous Mother's Day brunch for your own mom, your sister, a special friend -- or yourself. Or, plan it for your Mom and invite all your siblings.All Moms deserve to be celebrated, with our ideas you can make the day extra special.

Choose a Date

It's not a good idea to schedule your brunch or luncheon on Mother's day itself, that day should be reserved for immediate family. Instead, extend the fun a bit and host your get together a weekend or two before Mother's Day. Remember, that you'll have a better turn out on the weekend.

Pick Your Theme

Since Mother's day happens in the middle of spring, most people take their party planning cue from Mother nature by using a floral theme. Planning a garden party is a wonderful way to celebrate Mom and spring at the same time. If you don't have a yard suitable here are some other outdoor ideas:
  • Use a local park, picnic-style
  • Decorate your back yard or host it in your garden
  • Use a friend or family member's yard, if they have more room than you do
  • Book your party at a local botanical garden
  • Or just make a reservation at an outdoor cafe
Garden Party
If the springtime angle doesn't appeal to you, then you might consider having more of a themed party. If you're looking for inspiration, you might want to browse through our collection of Mother's Day invitations. Here are some other ideas worth considering:
  • Have all your guests wear pink and encourage them to bring a donation Breast Cancer Research
  • Have them wear red and bring a donation for the American Heart Association.
  • You could get crazy and make it a costume party: invite all the Mothers to come as their favorite fictional character
  • Honor your Grandmother and invite all the relatives

Create Your Invitation

The thing that sets the tone for a party is always the invitation. Imagine how much fun your guests will have when they get the invitation in the mail (or via email). There aren't very many excuses to have fun and be silly in grown up life, why not have fun with your party invitation.

You can chose a pre-designed invitation or assemble your own using borders, backgrounds and clipart. Keep your theme in mind as you assemble the invitation. It's easiest to print them from home on card stock, but you can also take them to your local print shop for higher quality and more paper options.

Remember to send your invitations at least 3 weeks before the party so your guests have enough advance notice. It's also a good idea to ask them to RSVP so you know how much food you'll need.

Plan The Menu

Make foods light, delicate, and dare I say "ladylike" in honor of the day -- Mom will love it! Traditional Mother's Day themes typically include flowers and pastel colors. Serve any of the following for a beautiful table:
  • Finger sandwiches (with crust cut off, then each sandwich cut into fourths or thirds)
  • Hot tea and coffee
  • Iced tea; lemonade (try peach or raspberry lemonade for a fresh new flavor)
  • Mimosas and Bellinis (orange juice or peach juice and Champagne!)
  • Pasta or potato salads with lots of veggies in honor of spring (add celery, spinach, and colorful red, green or yellow peppers)
  • Casseroles (again, add the veggies for a flavor of spring)
  • Flower-shaped bakery-style cookies or cake slices

A few hints: Any dish is "prettied up" with the addition of greens or fresh flowers at the side. (If you're serving flowers, make sure they're safe for consumption even though they're just for show; they will, after all, be near or touching the food.)

If the mom you're celebrating has a personal favorite, choose that as the table centerpiece and create foods that go along with the theme. For example, if Mom adores lasagna, make it veggie-style with zucchini (yum!) and put a plate of sliced bakery bread off to the side with Italian olive oil and herbs for dipping.

Decorate Your Party Site

Think of Mom's style while decorating, and combine that with the fresh colors of Mother's Day and springtime. If your mother is bold and outgoing, set the table with a white tablecloth (disposable is fine!) edged in a rainbow of her favorite colors. Sprinkle colorful confetti near the center for a fresh look.

Place potted plants around the table if it's large enough. Cut flowers in vases work well, too, but keep the feel "outdoorsy" if this is your choice.

Add natural materials, like straw or rattan, to your centerpiece display. But remember to keep things super-feminine, even if Mom is the rock-climbing and bathroom-renovating type. Flower petals, bits of lace, "girlie" colors and soft fabrics are the theme for this special day.

Written by: Melanie Henson