Plan a Mom's Night Out Party

Gather your friends and plan a party!

Girl's Nite Invitation
Breakfast in bed is grand and fancy flowers are fabulous. But, if you've never considered a mom's night out party, girl, you don't know what you're missing! Everyone needs to play with their friends from time to time and Mother's Day is a wonderful excuse to get together with yours. We dare you, throw a party and bring out your inner teenager! Not sure how to start? We're about to show you...

But first, a quick word. I know, I know...I'm a mom too and am well aware of how leaving your children with the hubby, Grandma or a babysitter can tug at your heartstrings. Trust me: going out once in a while and "just being a grownup" can be very healthy -- and can have a great effect on your kids as a relaxed, happy mom greets them the following morning.

Think of it as an investment toward your own well being. You've seen that bumper sticker "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" -- consider that your motto for this year. Oh, and assure your husband that a Mom's night out does not equal hitting the bar scene or ogling guys.

Pick a Party Theme!

So...exactly how should you and your friends party? We say: any way you like that's within your personal taste, time frame and budget. You can arrange the party to take place at your own home and still have it be a night out since the other attendees will be out of the home.

Or get everyone out for some fun. Try these ideas:

  • Get manicures or pedicures for each of you. Save money by calling a local beauty school and asking what they charge for a group of your size. Many beauty school students offer fantastic rates (and do a very good job).
  • Attend a class. Want to learn to create a nice roux without burning it? Dying to learn more about belly dancing? Does your tennis serve need work? Any class is much more fun in a group. Call your local community college or your city. (As above, ask about group rates.)
  • See a play then go for coffee and dessert to talk about it.
  • Get around town. Most towns have a website with the lowdown on what's new. Find yours, and look for anything that might be going on that's inexpensive and fun -- Ladies' Night at a local restaurant, a local band playing at a club, a wine tasting, a grand opening, a book reading at a cafe.
  • Get a massage. Have a massage therapist come to your house. Guests can give one another makeovers, watch DVDs or just hang out and munch on goodies (my personal favorite) while waiting their turn.
  • Go wine tasting at a local wine bar or wineries if you're lucky enough to have them close to your home.
  • Head to the movies. Find a flick you'll all adore or even one you've seen before; with a bunch of girlfriends, any movie is that much better.
  • Have a slumber party. Rent a suite at a local hotel. Be sure to order room service (wine and chocolates are a must). Rent a fun feel good movie like Grease and act it out with song and dance.

When to Hold Your Party

National Mom's Night Out just celebrated its fourth year in March. But you don't need to wait for an official date to have a mom's night out party. Just make sure it doesn't conflict with other special dates.

Try the weekend before Mother's Day (the actual holiday falls this year on Sunday, May 10) as a special "I appreciate you to" to all of your friends. Or, in lieu of a specific celebration day, pick any random Friday or Saturday (depending upon work and school schedules) that isn't a holiday. You'll probably have a better turnout if you pick a Saturday night because it allows for getting chores done during the day and sleeping in on Sunday.

Schedule the party to start close to your and your friends' kids' bedtime so the children can be tucked in their beds by the time you're ready to leave. That way, they won't feel they've missed out on any time with you they'd normally have. Try 7:30 or 8:00 as general guide. Most evening events don't really get started until that time anyway -- so you're not missing out, either!

Do avoid making the party too late -- you and your best buds should be fresh and ready to party, not yawning and ready to drop. Don't forget to have an extra latte in the afternoon so you can stay up with your friends!

Design Your Invitations

You can assemble your own invitations to match your party theme by using clipart, borders and backgrounds, or browse our Mom's Night Out invitations that can be edited online. Just change the date and party specifics and print. Have fun with the invitations; after all, they set the tone for the party.

Remember to send them at least three weeks ahead of time to avoid scheduling conflicts.

You may find your Mom's Night Out is such a success that your BFFs (yep...all of them) ask for a repeat. Make it a regular thing, perhaps once a month, to get out with your friends and play. Of course, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, so if your husband or significant other is doing the babysitting, offer to trade off once a month. He'll love you all the more for it -- and the kids will benefit from having parents who are happy and relaxed.

Written by: Melanie Henson