Make A Mother's Day Card

Put a smile on Mom's face...

Mom Card
Mom knows you appreciate her. Having a beautiful card from you on Mother's Day will make her day. Creating your own Mother's Day Card is as easy as opening a document, adding a few touches and pressing the print button. In fact, it's so easy, you'll want to make a unique one for your grandmother, sister and even friends who are moms!

If so, this year, design your own Mother's Day Card. It's so simple -- and it makes such an impact. Here's how:

Step 1: Choose Your Design

Your first action should be to pick the design of the card you'd like to send. If your mom is a traditional kind of lady, you can find a classically elegant design. If she's got a great sense of humor, find a card that will tickle her funny bone.

Step 2: Personalize Your Card

Once you choose the template you like best, you'll see some icons to download the card. If you select "personalize" you'll be able to edit your choice "live" on our site. It's just another way to make things even easier when creating beautiful, original cards. Try this option out -- you'll be hooked. If the card is available to personalize online, you'll see that in the download options box. Follow the instructions and you'll end up with a PDF file that you can send electronically, print or save.

Alternate Step 2: Download the Document

Or, when you see the download options, click on the Word icon. A Word document version of the card will open and you can edit and save it to your desktop.

Step 3: Save Immediately...and Frequently

As soon as the document is open, save it in a file, on a disk or on the desktop. As you make changes, no matter how small, continue to save. If you're using the personalize online version, your saved copy will be in the "my home" section of the site saved under "templates."

Step 4: Make Your Changes

If you're editing online, all you need to do is replace the copy in the boxes on the left with the copy you want. Click the refresh button and you should see your changes on the card. If you want to make more robust changes, download the word document then click on an area of text you'd like to change. A box should appear around the area. Click within the box and make your changes -- a different font size, type or color, for instance, or a larger image.

You can also delete or insert images. Right-click and click on "delete" to take an image out. Click on "insert" and then "picture" to retrieve a different image from your computer and add it to your cards.

Step 5: Pick a Printing Option

If you're using the online version, you'll end up with a PDF file that can be printed from home, taken to the printer on a data stick or just emailed or posted on Facebook. If you chose the word document, you'll print from home or with a printer.

Consider your paper choice as well. Different weights of paper will produce different effects. Generally, the heavier and shinier the card paper, the more formal a look you'll achieve. Visit your local office supply store so you have card stock on hand when you're ready to print. You can either purchase the paper and print it right from your home or work printer or you can also have the cards printed for you at most chain office supply stores so you can free up your printer (and some spare time).

The choices are all up to you. Make your mom smile ear to ear this year with a Mother's Day card that's custom designed for her...and all with just a computer, a template and your own creativity.

Written by: Dawn Applegate