Celebrate Your Wife on Mother's Day

She's the glue to your family -- tell her so this year!

 Daughter with Mom

You love her and you're proud that she's the mother of your children. This Mother's Day, make sure she knows it. It's not as hard as you think...read on for some great ideas.

What Moms Really Want

You already know that a brand-new skillet, washing machine or a pair of slippers won't win your wife's heart this Mother's Day. Well, put it this way -- you ought to know that! But what will? It's not as hard as you think. What moms really want is what any woman wants: to be recognized and appreciated. That doesn't necessarily mean spending a lot of money or turning cartwheels to make her happy. But it'll pay off big-time if you take a few minutes to think about what your wife loves.

Does she paint? How about a new easel and a gift certificate to the local art store? If she's a movie buff, give her admission to a movie of her choice and let her know a babysitter will be at the ready. If she loves daisies but you feel roses are the classic choice-- get her daisies; she'll know that you remembered her favorite flower. The day is about her, so choose what she'd choose.

Mother's Day Card

It All Starts With a Card

Most moms melt at the sight of a handmade card. Help your little ones create a card for Mom, and make one yourself from you to her. It's simple. Download a card template and personalize it with a little note on the inside. Hand write this part -- even if it's a single sentence like "I appreciate you so much." Let the kids personalize their own cards for Mom. She'll love it!

Pamper Her

If mothers have one thing in common, it's that they're wired to do for everyone else before themselves. Encourage the woman in your life to indulge a bit on her special day. You would think that spending time with her kids might be her favorite thing, but the fact is, most moms need an occasional day off. Why not buy her a gift certificate at a local spa for the day? Or a simple pedicure? Spoil her a bit on this special day.

Pick Up The Slack

You can also make the day special simply by picking up some of the work she usually does during her day. If she's the unofficial but consistent household dish-washer, do the dishes. If she normally dresses the kids in the morning, take over the chore and have them dressed and adorable when she wakes up.

Don't be slave for a day -- but do pick one or two little things that she may not realize you've noticed her doing every day.

Have a Special Dinner

Dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day. Take all of you out to a family-friendly but nice eatery. Include the kids in the planning and remind them to get themselves ready as much as possible so Mom has time to get herself all dolled up.

Or...be the chef! Whip up something special for dinner (remember to do the cleanup yourself too!) or pack yummy foods in a picnic basket. If your cooking skills are shaky, buy prepared gourmet foods. Load up the plates and tell your wife she should simply sit down and enjoy.

End the Night With "Just the Two of You"

As much as she loves being a mom, she also loves being your wife -- so at the end of her special day, put the kids to bed and treat her to something special. Give her a foot massage or put on her favorite movie. Play some music and ask her to dance barefoot right there in the living room. Make her toes curl -- it's the perfect ending to her day...and to yours.

Remember that in the end, no matter what you give her, your wife will be thrilled that you took the time and made the effort to truly celebrate who she is. Don't overstress; just do your best. She'll love you for it...we promise.

Written by: Melanie Henson