Dad's Night Out

Gather your buds and go!

Dad's Night Out
We know, we know -- boys just want to have fun. And being a super dad, you deserve to kick back a little. How about rounding up the guys for a Dad's Night Out? Grab your posse and go -- this night is just for you!


If beer is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of relaxing with friends, you're not alone. Go ahead and ask the other dads what they'd like to do on their night out and see what they say. We're betting the answer has something to do with alcohol.

If there are no non-drinkers in your group, go ahead and visit a local pub to kick back a few. But be sure you have a designated driver. If Dad's Night Out is a regular thing with you and your friends (say, once or twice a month), rotate driver duty.

An alternate option is to have a cab or two at the ready. This way, you can feel free to relax a bit without having to worry about the drive home.

Groupies are Cool. No, Seriously

Remember when you and your buds used to get together on Saturday night to listen to the newest local band? If you thought those days were gone, guess again. Check out who's playing in your city and have a most excellent time for your Dad's Night Out.

Bang your head to metal, flub the words and crack up to rap, rock on to a classic rock cover band, be the "fun table" at the club and get everyone else moving. Good times!

Laugh it Up

If there's a comedy club in your area, you have the perfect Dad's Night Out all wrapped up. On the other hand, if this will involve a bit of travel, think about chipping in for a cab there and back. But either way, don't miss out on this opportunity to sit back, be politically incorrect and laugh yourselves ridiculous at a comedy club.

Somehow, live comedy is just...funnier. You really can't go wrong with this idea (unless anyone in your group is the easily offended type -- know at least the basic tone of the comedian before making a final decision). Check online or in local papers to see who's delivering the funny goods this weekend.

Catch the Game

Ah, sports bars. With munchies, beer (if you drink), a close game and yelling fans on both sides, what's not to love?

The great thing about a sports bar Dad's Night Out is that no matter who's playing (and no matter what sport it is), it's almost impossible not to get into the game and have a great time. Pick a side or don't -- no matter what, you'll be your posse's hero with this Dad's Night Out pick.

Or go retro by attending a local high school or college game (football, baseball or basketball or my personal favorite, hockey). You'll be right back in school again as you cheer on the home team. Afterward, celebrate victory or soothe defeat at a local bar for an hour before calling it a night.

Done? Great! Now pass the torch onto the next dad in your group and let him set up your next Dad's Night Out. Don't let it stop here. Every dad needs a little time to unwind and get a bit crazy. So make Dad's Night Out a regular thing. Enjoy!

Written by: Melanie Henson