Greatest Dad Award

Show Him He's the Best!

Best Dad Card

Do your kids think Dad is the greatest? (Or do you think yours is?) Then show him with a Greatest Dad award this Father's Day.

It's in the Cards

Whatever special arrangements you make to celebrate Dad on his day this year, don't forget the card. No matter how old your kids are, you still want a card that says "I love you Dad."

And that's perfect. Why? Because you can combine a card and a Greatest Dad Award into one...and add your own personal touch.

Because we love our dads too, has a whole selection of Greatest Dad cards to choose from. Any one of them can be can be a great jumping-off point for your own personal message to Dad this year. Choose the card you love, personalize the text online (so easy!) and print. Or if the Dad in your life is a technologically savvy person, send the PDF version via email or Facebook. That's it, you're done!

Tip: If you don't want to rely on the quality of your printer at home, have the card printed out at your local Staples, Office Depot or other stationery-carrying store that offers this service.

Little Hands, Big Hearts

Help your kids create something special for their dad by showing them card templates and, if they're old enough, letting them type a special message into the text.

Another option is to print a Greatest Dad award out in black-and-white (provided there aren't too many shadowy areas) and letting your little Michaelangelos color them in.

Or have your little one make his very own "award" from scratch. Print off a simple "Greatest Dad," "#1 Dad" or "You're My Hero!" ribbon and cut it out with scissors. Then hand it over to your child to decorate with colored pens, markers, crayons, stickers or glitter and glue.

If you'd like some places to start, take a look at our backgrounds for Father's Day.

Making Awards for Other Family Members

Some people have a special connection with an uncle, a sibling or a friend. Don't bypass these special guys in your life on Father's Day. What about your Grandpa? Favorite Uncle? Make them awards too. They'll love it!

If you have artistic talent and you know a mom who's pressed for time, offer to help her child create an award for Dad using the tips above. Or, if you and your child's father are divorced, remember that the it's still a good idea to help them make something for their dad.

Stepparents are People Too

Do include your stepfather on your list of Father's Day awards to create and hand out. The same holds true if your children have a step dad.

It's my experience that "Greatest Dad" or "Best Father" cards are appreciated more so than "To a Great Stepfather." Of course, in your family, this may be different. If you're unsure, err on the side of mushy and gushy -- you'd be surprised how much the man in your life will love being thought of as "Dad."

Presenting the Award

Have your child make Dad a traditional breakfast in bed. As you carry in the tray of yummies, let your child show Dad his award. Your child will love being the presenter of this special honor.

Other great places for a "presentation" are at a special Father's Day dinner, during a Father's Day picnic or while out to dinner in honor of the special man.

If you're an adult presenting an award to your father, don't mail it -- hand-deliver it. What your dad wants from you more than anything else is your time. Be sure to show him this year that you appreciate and all year through.

Written by: Melanie Henson