First Father's Day Ideas

Make His Day Special

First Father's Day Card
Ask the typical single guy what he thinks Father's Day is, and nine times out of ten you'll get this response: "It's a Hallmark holiday. One of those silly card industry invent-a-holiday things."

Now ask him a few years later, after he's become a dad. Surprised by the way that guy in your life has changed his tune -- perhaps even becoming a bit misty at the thought of his first Father's Day? Don't be. It's normal (not to mention super-adorable) for even a tough guy to fall into a puddle of mush in the presence of his new son or daughter. Here's how to make him happy on his first Father's Day.

  • Make something: Turn your little one's hands or feet into a memento by making prints on a card, wall hanging or T-shirt. Be sure to use non-toxic paint. Either dip the child's hand/foot in the paint or apply with a wide paintbrush. Place the hand or foot firmly straight down and lift up. Personalize the gift with the date and your child's name.
  • Get out of the house: If your guy is the active type (or simply an appreciator of the outdoors), take him on a Father's Day picnic. To make things even more fun, invite a number of dads (your or his father; friends and their families). Make sure you choose a location that's large enough that you won't crowd out the whole park -- remember, this is the time of year for just this sort of celebration. Get there on the early side to reserve your spot.

  • Have a barbecue: If you'd rather stay close to home, treat Dad to a barbecue lunch. If he's usually the one holding the metal spatula, have him sit down while you do all the work…or if he really insists, let him flip burgers while you arrange salads and drinks.

  • Pass along the memories: Ask his dad or stepfather for stories of when he was a little boy. Pick out the funniest or most touching memories and place the text in a card you make yourself (or you can write a few thoughts if you'd rather). Now that he's a father himself, he'll appreciate these childhood recollections like never before!

  • Make a movie: Record clips of your child (if he's already speaking, try to get him to say "Dada"). Then splice them together into a keepsake First Father's Day movie. (Use a free online movie clip editor for a flawless presentation.)

  • Make a Greatest Dad award: You know he's the best, so tell him! "Motion" your baby through “helping” you to create a Greatest Dad award to hang on the wall of Daddy's office, in the living room or wherever he'd love to see it each day.

  • Do his "Dad chores" for him: Mow the lawn, fix the door jam…if you're at all handy and have the time, do a few of his usual chores. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a day off.

    You'll notice that none of these ideas will break the bank -- yet each is priceless. Take the time to really appreciate the father in your child's life and he'll always remember this special day.

Written by: Melanie Henson