Easter Party Games

Invite friends and family to the best Easter party of the season!

This Easter, invite all the little ones you love to a party filled with food, fun and games! Here are some of our all-time favorites for a hoppin' good time.
Easter Bunny Invitation

Egg-Coloring Contest Have three hardboiled, thoroughly chilled eggs available for each child. Instead of coloring dyes, which can get on clothes and spoil family pictures, gather small stickers, clear-drying glue and glitter. Set up an area with newspaper or another protective coloring. Have the participants roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Give each child a prize for categories such as "Funniest," "Prettiest," "Most Colorful," "Most Original," etc. Display the finished eggs for the grown-up guests to admire.

Follow the Jelly Beans

As kids enter the party area, have jelly beans laid down in lines of all one color each (a line of yellow, a line of blue, etc.). Assign each child a color and tell him or her to "follow the jelly beans" to a special prize. At the end of the line of jelly beans, have a small Easter basket or a gift ready for eager hands.

Don't Drop the Egg

Line children up into two teams (or more if you have a large guest list). Give the child at the front of each row a teaspoon and a hardboiled egg. The children must run the eggs on the teaspoons to the other side of the room and back to the next child in the line, who then takes a turn running the egg. The trick: if an egg is dropped en route, the racer must scoop it up, return to the front of the line and start over.

Easter chick card

Pin the Tail on the Rabbit

This is a variation of the well-known party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You will need:
  • Two large pieces of poster board
  • Pens, markers or paint
  • Double sided Velcro style tape
  • Cotton balls
  • Scarf or handkerchief

Here's where you can really put your creative talents to work! Draw an Easter bunny on one piece of the poster board, leaving plenty of space above, below and on each side of the rabbit image. Or, print one of our fun Easter Bunny Graphics and use it either to trace or blow up and use in full color. Fill in and decorate it with the magic markers or paint.

Now cut enough circles out of the second piece of poster board so that each guest will have one piece. Glue cotton balls to each circle. These are the "tails." On the back of each "tail" attach a piece of Velcro; also write a number (each child will be given a different number so you can keep track of whose tail goes where!). Then randomly place other pieces of Velcro across your rabbit picture, making sure to place some of the pieces outside the area of the rabbit itself. Hang the picture on a wall at a child's level.

When the kids are ready, line them up. Tie the scarf around the first child's eyes, turn him or her around three times and have her aim for the direction of the rabbit picture, holding out one rabbit tail. She will be able to feel various Velcro pieces but won't know which are in the right place. When the scarf comes off, there's bound to be plenty of laughter; then the next party goer's turn begins.

An alternative, appropriate for older children who need less placement help, is to loop pieces of clear tape, sticky-side out, and attach to the back of the tails. With this method, you'll be skipping the Velcro -- and allowing the participants to figure things out without the benefit of feel!

Egg Roll

This game is best if guests have come in casual attire. Hard boil an egg ahead of time; chill. Place a line of easily-removable tape along the carpet (test this first to make sure it doesn't pull the carpet fibers), on protected wood or vinyl flooring or outside along the ground. Children must get down on their hands and knees and roll the egg with the nose all the way from one end of the tape to the other. Time them; the fastest wins!

Written by: Melanie Henson