How to Write a Family Christmas Letter

Writing an Engaging Family Letter

How many family Christmas cards have you opened that contain long, boring letters? In this article, we'll share some tips for writing a truly memorable Christmas Letter and some great ideas for enhancing your family's unique traditions.

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Christmas Snowman Letter

Tip #1: Keep It Interesting

A family newsletter is an opportunity to share the major happenings of your year, but it is also a way to nurture relationships with people you might not see often. Before you chronicle every soccer game your child played, think about what your loved ones really want to know. A funny tale about the family dog or an anecdote about the horseback riding trip you took will offer an "inside view" of your family's experience. An interesting story will capture your readers' attention better than a list of events.

Holiday letters can quickly turn into brag sessions -- but for your reader's sake, try to avoid this. It can be tempting to only include the year's highs, but your friends and family will appreciate the honesty.

Tip #2: Decide on Your Format

Now that you have a list of what you want to convey in the letter, think about how you want to present the material. Some people choose to make a fun multiple choice "quiz." For a funny twist, you could even write the letter from a pet's perspective!

If you'll be mailing the letter along with your Christmas greeting card, you can use one of our simple pre-designed Family Letter Templates. There are a ton of styles and colors to choose from and most family letter designs have a matching

Tip #3: Make It a Family Affair

Typically, families have one designated letter-writer, and the task falls to that person year after year. But consider allowing your child or spouse to write the letter, or having each family member write a paragraph. .

If you're writing the letter with other family members, make it a joint activity. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and brainstorm what the large milestones were over the year. You might also use the conversation as an opportunity to reflect on any lessons learned, or to set goals for the upcoming year.

Above all, keep the letter to one page. It will save on postage and keep your letter from getting too long and edging into "boring" territory.

Tip #4: Save the Letter!

What you've completed is a record of the year, so be sure to save it! Consider putting it on a Scrapbooking Layout) or just putting it away in a shoebox and revisiting it next year. If you put it away with your Christmas decorations after the holiday, you'll discover a neat present next year when you re-open the box.

Tip #5: Prepare for Next Year

Now that you know you want to remember the events and milestones over the year, create a way to save those memories. Cover a shoe box with pretty paper, cut a hole in the lid and throw it on top of your fridge. As events happen, jot them down and throw them into the box. Come December, voila! You'll have a head start.

Writing an end of year family letter is not only a great way to record and reflect on the year, it's also an opportunity to enhance your family's memories!

Written by: Dawn Applegate