12 Days of Christmas Party Theme

Twelve Days of  Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas is the perfect party theme to celebrate the season. Use this beloved Christmas carol as the basis for your invitations, decorations, food, entertainment, and party favors. The beauty of this theme is that you can make your party as simple or elaborate as you wish, as long as you use the traditional gifts mentioned in the song as a starting point.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

At your local craft store, pick up a plump partridge figure for the center of your table. Surround the bird with real or artificial garlands, greenery, berries, and a few pears for a spectacular party centerpiece.

If you're having a more formal celebration, consider serving caramelized pears for dessert.

Use our partridge in a pear tree clip art to decorate a party favor box filled with pear flavor candy or dried pears and mixed nuts.

2 Turtle Doves

Cut dove shapes from white paper and string them together with pretty ribbon to make a festive party garland.

Use our two flying doves clip art to decorate place cards that mark each guest's seat.

Create a PowerPoint presentation featuring past Christmas photos accented with themed backgrounds such as our Christmas dove paper. Play your slideshow on a repeating loop throughout your party.

Serve turtle dove candies made with mini pretzels, caramel covered chocolate, and pecans. You can either purchase them or make them from scratch.

3 French Hens

Serve your guests French style roasted Cornish game hens as the main course for your meal.

Use small hen figurines or stuffed animals as weights for colorful balloon bouquets scattered throughout your event space.

4 Calling Birds

Use bird clip art in your party invitation, accompanied by our 12 Days of Christmas word art.

Purchase four small bird statues to use to decorate a Christmas wreath hung at the entrance of your party space.

Decorate cupcakes with tiny birds made of fondant.

5 Golden Rings

Serve ring shaped butter cookies decorated with edible gold spray paint or golden sprinkles.

If your party will have children present, use gold spray paint to decorate a simple ring toss game.

Use gold napkin rings at each guest's place setting.

6 Geese A Laying

If you're having a more formal party, serve a traditional roasted Christmas goose as the main course.

For a cute casual celebration, decorate a goose lawn ornament with a tiny Santa hat.

Place faux goose eggs in a pretty basket for a simple table decoration. If desired, add a little sparkle by painting a few of the eggs gold.

7 Swans A Swimming

Serve punch from a swan shaped punch bowl or have a swan shaped ice sculpture floating in the middle of your punch.

Provide mood lighting for your party by placing candles in swan shaped holders.

8 Maids A Milking

Serve milkshakes, ice cream, cheese, or some other dairy-based treat with a festive clip art topper featuring a milking maiden.

For party favors, pass out milk chocolate bars with custom wrappers decorated with milking maiden clip art.

9 Ladies Dancing

Purchase a rubber stamp image featuring a woman dancing, then use the stamp to decorate a custom paper table runner.

Have a dance contest in which all the female guests compete to show off their best dance moves.

10 Lords A Leaping

Serve gingerbread cookies decorated to look like leaping lords--with a few dancing ladies thrown in for good measure.

Let children work off some excess energy by challenging them to "leap" over obstacles of various heights.

11 Pipers Piping

Challenge guests to a Christmas trivia contest in which they see who is the fastest at guessing various Christmas carols.

Invite guests to create new lyrics to the song, based on modern items they'd like to receive for Christmas.

Let children make Pied Piper paper bag puppets to take home as party favors.

12 Drummers Drumming

If your budget allows, hire a band to provide live music for your celebration. Having a local high school or college student perform a selection of classic Christmas carols at your party is surprisingly affordable.

For a party with several children present, make mini tin can drums. Paint and decorate empty tin cans as desired, then stretch a balloon over the top of the can. Use pencils, paint brushes, or wooden chopsticks as your drumsticks to put on a full-filled performance.

Make a special dessert by serving mini cakes decorated to look like tiny drums. Use thin strips of licorice to add details and place stick pretzels on the top as drumsticks.

Written by: The Printable Holiday Team