Christmas Party Ideas: Children's Christmas Party

Holiday Fun at Any Age!

Children love the glitter, joy, and wonder that is Christmas. Let your kids celebrate the season by having them host a party for their friends. They'll have a blast addressing the invitations, decorating the party room, and helping put a menu together.

hot cocoa party invitation

Hot Cocoa Party

A hot cocoa party is perfect for guests of all ages. Use our cocoa party invitation to invite your child’s friends, then assemble a hot chocolate bar with assorted add-ins such as whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, caramel bits, cinnamon sticks, and candy canes.

As you're sipping your hot chocolate, you can sing Christmas carols or complete a simple craft project. If you'd like to encourage children to think of others during the holiday season, try having your guests make handmade Christmas cards to take to a local nursing home or children's hospital when the party is over.

Snowy Day Party

snow day party invitation

For children who love to play in the snow, a snow themed party is sure to please.  Use our winter snowman invitation to invite guests to your home for a day of snowy fun. Remember to clearly state that children should dress warmly, so your young guests don't get too cold.

You can make snowmen in the front yard, create snow angels, or have a snowball fight. Then, when it's time to come inside and warm up, kids can make paper snowflakes or paint terra cotta pots to look like snowmen and fill them with Christmas candy. If you wish, send guests home with tiny snow globes as a special party favor.

Cookie Exchange

cookie exchange invite

Cookie exchanges aren't just for adults. Get ready for this kid-friendly celebration with our cute cookie exchange invitation.

Mix up batches of dough and allow the little ones to create their own Christmas shapes using stocking, tree, star, or mitten cookie cutters. Bake the cookies and cool them while your guests are playing party games. When the cookies are cool, bring everyone back to the table to decorate their own yummy creations. Or, if you want to avoid the baking part, make the cookies ahead of time and simply give each child cookies on a flat tray or cookie sheet to decorate.

Package cookies in dollar store tins or decorated cellophane bags so kids can take home their treats to share with their parents and siblings.

Gingerbread House Making

Gingerbread House  Making invite

If you want a party that takes the baking idea one step further, try having a gingerbread house making party. Have kids assemble and decorate their own delicious gingerbread houses. You can make this party as elaborate or as simple as you wish. If you're not up to baking from scratch, use graham crackers and premade frosting to create mini gingerbread houses.

Play Christmas carols while guests decorate their houses. When everyone is finished, take pictures and award small prizes to your favorite gingerbread houses. Some possible award categories would be "Most Unique Design" and "Best of Show." Make your own award certificates using our gingerbread house clip art and your favorite holiday font.

Movie Party

movie party

A sleepover can be a terrific way to celebrate the Christmas season. Have everyone bring their Christmas themed pajamas and watch holiday classic movies while you're wrapped up in cozy blankets.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story, or A Charlie Brown Christmas are just a few options to consider.

Use our Christmas movie party invitation to invite guests to your event.  For your movie snack, add a festive touch by serving fresh popcorn drizzled in white chocolate candy melts and tossed with pretzels, M&Ms, and rainbow sprinkles.

Planning the Perfect Christmas Party

There are numerous ways to let children host an afternoon or evening of Christmas fun. Be creative and let your own inner child come out for some Christmas fun this year -- you'll find it's as much fun for you to "help" create the party as it is for the guests to be there.

Written by: The Printable Holiday Team