Printable Contemporary Christmas Cards

Christmas doesn't always have to be traditional. If you love trendy and modern decor styles, your personality may be better suited to a contemporary Christmas card. The Printable Holiday's collection of funky, playful, and graphic designs gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect holiday greeting from the comfort of your own home.

Contemporary cards often feature eye-catching stripes, swirls, or polka dot patterns. Star, tree, snowflake, and Santa graphics lend a festive touch, but these images are drawn in a more abstract style than what you'd find on a traditional Christmas card design. As for color schemes, you'll see the traditional red and green as well as more unusual choices like magenta and lime, purple and blue, or navy and scarlet.

All of our Christmas card templates can be personalized in your web browser or via Microsoft Word. Add your family's name and a favorite Christmas quote or Bible verse. Alternatively, you could create custom messages for each recipient to give your cards a personal touch.

If you wish to include a holiday newsletter with your Christmas card, browse through our selection of Christmas backgrounds. Many of our background styles coordinate with our contemporary Christmas card templates, letting you effortlessly create a cohesive look for your Christmas stationery.