Printable Christmas Scrapbooking

In many homes, Christmas is one of the few times that the entire extended family is able to come together to celebrate. Honor this special occasion by creating a few Christmas scrapbook layouts featuring your favorite photos and our custom templates.

The Printable Holiday makes scrapbooking a snap by offering an assortment of pre-designed layouts featuring Christmas backgrounds, holiday graphics, and festive seasonal color schemes. Simply choose your favorite, then download into the correct format for your favorite image editing or desktop publishing software. Whether you want to create a page showcasing your beautiful Christmas tree decorations or a layout that highlights your child's love of Santa's reindeer, we've got you covered!

To customize your project, choose a decorative font for your title and a few clip art elements that support your theme. If desired, you could also try applying various photo filters to your Christmas scrapbook page to create a faux textured effect, a focal point vignette, or a soft airbrushed look.

Your finished scrapbook layouts can be printed at home or sent to your favorite photo printing service to be compiled into a special keepsake album. Consider ordering multiple copies of your favorite layouts to share with your loved ones, so everyone can relive the magic of Christmas throughout the year.